The Woodpecker Games

From Brandon, age 11…


On Sunday we had some time before dinner so my dad and I got to go on a cool hike around Miller’s Pond in Smithtown.  When we got there our car almost went into the shallow edge of the pond when my dad got out of the car without putting the car in park.  I jumped out of the car and my dad jumped back in and hit the brake.  It was scary at first then but after it was funny.


The pond had a lot of ducks in it.  It also had 1 swan.  There were people fishing and a lady reading a book in her car.  We started hiking around the pond along the Greenbelt Trail, which is 32 miles across Long Island.  You can start at Sunken Meadow and finish at Heckscher Park or the other way around.  We were somewhere in the middle.  When we were on the trail we saw lots of birds, trees that had fallen down and then cut and moved off the trail and some flowers starting to grow.  After walking through this part of the trail, we crossed over

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Long Cold Winter

Everyone on Long Island is well aware of the insane prolonged weather we had to put up with, so that’s an explanation or an excuse as to why our site has been dormant since November.  We promise you things are about to pick up once again on 1Quest2theNext.  We took our first 2014 hike a few days ago and will post in a bit.  To sum up what little outdoor fun we had on LI since mid November, we are just going to publish a set of photos.  Hope you enjoy, and please visit often as we go on new adventures this Spring (now that it’s really Spring!).


5+ mile hike w/ Brandon in November from Kings Park Bluff -> Nissequogue River St. Park -> woods leading up to Smithtown Landing CC and back on the LI Greenbelt

5+ mile hike w/ Brandon in November from Kings Park Bluff -> Nissequogue River St. Park -> woods leading up to Smithtown Landing CC and back on the LI Greenbelt

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21 Inspiring and Outdoorsy Parents You Should Meet: Their Blogs, Tips and More

Thanks to Meghan @ for featuring 1Quest2theNext in her latest article!

The Adventures in Parenthood Project

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I say: even better if that village shares your interests and some of your philosophy on child-rearing. Imagine my joy when I discovered a wonderful online community of other outdoorsy parents from throughout North America – from Alaska to Georgia, Alberta, Colorado and beyond. This group has been keen to collaborate on articles, share each other’s new blog posts, and also offer up tips on outdoor parenting. I thought it was high-time to feature a bunch of them!

I asked each one for their favourite posts and their tips for new parents who want to get in the outdoors. I hope you’ll be as inspired as I am by their wise and encouraging words.

Click on any photo to start the slideshow! 

Who inspires you to get outdoors with your family?

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Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge

Driving out to eastern Long Island on a weekend during the Summer would be considered crazy by some.  Well, keeping 4 kids’ from being bored can be quite a challenge if they are in the house or going to the same playground again and again.  So off we went Sunday to the Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge, a 187-acre peninsula on Noyack and Little Peconic Bays.

There are a variety of intriguing and fun adventures to experience at Morton; this includes feeding birds by hand, getting a peek at Wild Turkey sneaking into the high grass with their babies, playing on the beach, watching ducks and other waterfowl in the ponds and much, much more.  There are manicured trails to hike and wood bridges to cross and too many bird types to mention all of them.

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Avalon Park and Preserve

Mill Pond is well known by those who pass down 25A on their way to West Meadow Beach or the museums in Stony Brook. Lots of waterfowl to watch on a quick stop before going out to dinner on the North Shore. The Grist Mill across the street on Harbor Road has been a frequent field trip for youngsters from the Three Village and Smithtown schools (Grist Mill post is coming soon!). However, just behind the pond is a terrific place to spend a morning or afternoon with your significant other, your kids, even your dog!

Avalon Park and Preserve in Stony Brook has a variety of fun things to do. First we stopped at Mill Pond and saw geese, ducks and swans. A few geese got in a fight – we were wondering if it was over food, territory or a female. Anyway, as you enter the park you pass a large helpful map (see below), a wooden path with beautiful flora including Tiger Lillies and Green Pond to your right (behind the caretaker’s house). Further along you will reach a wooden bridge. When we visited this summer there were a few turtles and a mama duck and several babies floating by. I was there with my whole family and the kids – Mia (2), Alana (5), Sofia (7) and Brandon (10) all enjoyed watching the animals and asking Continue reading

Bayard Cutting Arboretum

Most people only know of Bayard Cutting Arboretum as a pretty place to go take engagement and wedding pictures on the South shore of Long Island.  If that was the case I wouldn’t be writing this post.  There is so much more and my kids enjoy visiting all 4 seasons.  Are you intrigued? Well, then….good.  You should be checking out our 1quest2thenext page daily anyway!

Great Lawn

Great Lawn

I’ve taken the kids here several times.  We have the Empire Pass, which is a wise investment – it can be used at State Parks, Preserves, beaches and more.  During the Spring, wildflowers bloom all over; The foliage is a sight to see in Autumn, in the Winter you may freeze your butt off by the river, but it’s very tranquil and during all seasons I enjoy watching the kids explore and Continue reading

Caleb Smith State Park Preserve

Come to our hometown of Smithtown and enjoy the morning sunshine and fresh air with a hike at Caleb Smith State Park Preserve, with its many different habitats, including freshwater wetlands, ponds, streams, fields and upland woods.

at Halloween

at Halloween

Its diverse habitats support a variety of trees, shrubs, wildflowers and ferns that make the preserve a true refuge for wildlife.

Brandon, 10: I like it at Caleb Smith during the Winter because the Pond is prettiest that time of year. The museum is cool. There is a long hallway with a couple of different rooms and it looks like an old-fashioned house. You can sign your name in a book to get mail from the park. In one of the museum’s rooms you could see information and pictures of birds, fox, other animals you may see at the park and different kinds of plants and trees.



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American West Adventure – Day 10


This morning we went out in front of the Many Glacier Hotel to start our boat rides across Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine to start our hike to Grinnell Lake.  The kids were fighting over little stuff, but after 10 days in each other’s space and no break I give them credit, they did pretty well!

I don't know how I got a pic of them smiling, they were fighting over seat space the whole ride!

I don’t know how I got a pic of them smiling, they were fighting over seat space the whole ride!

It was a nice morning.  The water is turquoise in these lakes and I was looking forward to a nice hike.  The guide was a retired Biology teacher who used to come visit the Glaciers every year, then turned it into a way of life after he retired.  He went on daily hikes once the snow melted and loved to teach adults and kids about the trees and plants, the water and its inhabitants, the changing Glacier environment, the wildlife and more.  He was pretty funny and knowledgable and the kids gravitated towards him.

Lake Josephine

Lake Josephine

There was a swinging bridge that the kids had to cross and they thought it was such a cool part of this adventure!  We finally made it to Grinnell Lake.  Although the Grinnell Glacier view down to Grinnell Lake (google it online) cannot be matched, it was very pretty and the kids did a great job on this trek and all the rest.  Having the Camelbaks made a huge difference, but I never heard on this vacation “I don’t want to do that”.  Maybe it was all the candy Continue reading

American West Adventure – Day 9


We had a lot of driving yesterday so this morning we wanted to hang out locally. The Many Glacier area is really pretty and lots of things to do. We drove out to St. Mary to get some gas, ice and stuff for the cooler. On the way we saw this moose taking a bath in Swiftcurrent Lake. There are a LOT of bears on the opposite side of Many Glacier Road from the lake and as I walked up to this moose I wondered if he was a decoy. But I made it back to the car alive 🙂

Moose bathing in Swiftcurrent Lake

Moose bathing in Swiftcurrent Lake

After breakfast, we rented a rowboat and spent a few hours on the lake. Sofia, who normally is up for anything, didn’t seem to be thrilled with how deep we were venturing out on the boat. In fact she showed me her dismay in the pic below.

Sofia...Who else?

Sofia…Who else?



bubba rowing

But she warmed up a minute later and we took turns rowing for the next few hours. The kids didn’t want to stop. We saw a mama duck and about 6-8 babies and watched them swim around the lake. A nice guy was fly fishing with his wife and talked to us for a bit. Sofia quacked to all the ducks and was in her own world for awhile. I asked Brandon if he wanted to go to Canada and he was like ‘eh, no’.

From Brandon: We rented a rowboat for about an hour and a half. While we were rowing around Swiftcurrent Lake we saw a family of about 8 baby ducks and a mother. Every few minutes they would start swimming away from the rowboat because we were getting close to them. I went to switch seats with Sofia for awhile and we have a funny picture because it looks like I’m going to sit on her!”

sit on sofia


Since we were only a quick car ride away from Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada, I took the kids anyway. I knew he

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