Sagamore Hill

The kids and I went on a quest to Sagamore Hill Historic site last Summer.  Well, the 3 oldest anyway.  This was before Hurricane Sandy damaged the bridge and beachfront and we thoroughly enjoyed the Museum, the nature trail, crossing over the Eel Creek Boardwalk in the salt marsh habitat and watching the birds on the beachfront at Cold Spring Continue reading


Stony Brook Grist Mill

While we all had a blast at the Avalon Park and Preserve and at Mill Pond in Stony Brook this weekend, there was much more to do in the area.  We didn’t have time to go to the Art and Carriage House Museums, but we went on a tour of the Stony Brook Grist Mill in the afternoon.  This is the oldest working Grist Mill on Long Island.  There are only a handful of functioning Grist Mills in New York; the others are upstate.  I’ve run home from this location before, so Continue reading