Greenport Maritime Festival

The annual Greenport Maritime Festival is a bright spot in the Fall that attracts over 40,000 visitors each year to Eastern Long Island.  While a highlight is the Tall Ships docked through the weekend, those that converge on the village have many delightful adventures to choose from throughout the weekend!

Families and friends can browse through booth after booth of nautical-centric arts & crafts, view classic wooden boats, and lots of ‘local’; bands, seafood, produce, wine and beer from the area.

There are also several family-oriented activities, including a carousel, pirate show and fireworks at night.  And we can’t forget about the many ice cream shops, cotton candy and all kinds of treats!

From Mia, 2:  “Me like to go on the carousel!”


From Brandon, 10:  “When we went on the Tall Ships we got to go to the lower level of the boat and sit in some of the beds.  We were able to use the steering wheel and look at the big compass on board.  Newsday was there and they took my picture to put on their website!”

You can also take a cruise to view the 8 lighthouses surrounding Greenport.  Bug Light is the favorite to many!   Located between Orient Harbor and Gardiner’s Bay, Bug Light was first lit in 1871. Burned by vandals in 1963, it was restored fully in 1990 and now shines brightly.  It did receive significant damage during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  Much of the damage has been repaired but fundraising efforts remain to complete the work.  100 tons of rock need to be added to Bug Light’s base to help protect it.

If interested, visit this site:


From Sofia, 7:  “So….it was hot out and there were a lot of people so it took a long time to find a place to get lunch.  My tummy was so hungry so that even after lunch I needed more.  So later we got ice cream AND cotton candy BOTH!  It was soooo sooo good!”

If you want to board the Tall Ships, we suggest visiting early morning or perhaps early evening, as line do get quite long.  You will be able to speak to the ships’ captains, learn about the history of the ships and hear nautical tales from sailors as well as explore the various interesting sections of the vessels.  The authenticity of the ships combined with the exciting adventures they have been a part of make up for an exciting time at the Festival!

the key to a kid's heart...sugar!

the key to a kid’s heart…sugar!

There are many restaurants by the water, both fancy and more modest (but with exceptional local oysters, clams, lobster and more).

This year the 24th Annual Greenport Maritime Festival is scheduled for September 20-22.  The theme for 2013 is a celebration of Greenport’s 175th year of being established.  Replacing the clam chowder contest of previous festivals will be an Oyster shucking contest that fits in more with the history of Greenport.

Here is the daily schedule for this years Festival:

We hope you have fun out East!  Leave us a comment and let us know if you do or any other tips or memories from previous visits to the Greenport Maritime Festival…