Entenmann’s Great South Bay 5k (really 3.89 miles)

*This story was written entirely by Brandon, 10 – one of 5 co-authors on 1Quest2theNext*

Hi, my name is Brandon.  You may have read my last post I wrote by myself about camping at Blydenburgh Park.  I had run 3 5k distance races so far and I wanted to do another.  My dad and T (grandpa) signed up for the Entenmann’s Great South Bay 1/2 Marathon and there was also a 5k race.

Before I ever do any running I always stretch.  I drink a lot of water the day before races so I have energy and don’t get dehydrated.  I had been running at school, outside in the backyard and up at the Smithtown West high school track.  Just a few weeks ago I ran the Cow Harbor 2k race.  There were a lot of big Continue reading