Bluff to the Beach Hike

**Story by Brandon, Sofia and Mia**

From Brandon, 10:  Yesterday me and 2 of my sisters went on a hike on the Long Island Greenbelt Trail.  We started at the Kings Park Bluff and hiked all the way to Sunken Meadow Beach.  Along the way we walked through the woods, going uphill and downhill, and also got to look out over the Long Island Sound.  I saw chipmunks, squirrels, a lot of birds including Bluejays.  There were a few people on the trail; some running and some walking with their dog.  But a lot of the time it was just us.

When we got to Sunken Meadow State Park we reached the trailhead for the Greenbelt Trail just over a bridge.  We went to a playground and there was a high school cross-country race and lots of people cheering!

After awhile it got cold so we started back.  Even though we followed the white tree blazes for the Greenbelt on the first part of our hike, on the way back to the Bluff we went left onto the Yellow Trail for a little while and got closer to the edge overlooking the LI Sound and Connecticut.

Last time I hiked with my dad the dam had broken by the cross country trail because of Hurricane Sandy.  There were workers re-building and making a new bridge across the water into the trails today!


From Sofia, 7:  So….we were walking through the woods to the playground by the beach.  And we were looking out for the white tree paint marks so we knew we were going the right way on the trail.  We got lost because…well…we just did.  We must have missed one of the paint markings.  So we went down a really really really really really long hill and then finally we got back to the park benches and found our way across the bridge.  I saw swans and a turtle.  I saw the swans and they looked like chickens because I was REALLY HUNGRY!!  I would jump in the water and try to eat them if I wanted to haha!

restin' on a rock

restin’ on a rock

From Mia, 2:  My favorite part was when we were walking and pet the doggies and go down the slide and getting donuts!

greenbelt 1001


7 thoughts on “Bluff to the Beach Hike

  1. This is wonderful… including your children’s inputs onto your blog. A family affair. I love the way they tell their stories… innocent and honest.

    • I should add an excellent way of getting their creative juices flowing and learning writing skills. Who knows. You may be creating a future best selling author.

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