Love/Hate Friday


Friday morning:  Deciding where I want my Saturday morning run to take me.  Off road if I can help it.  A boardwalk, loop around a pond, some trails.  I probably think about it the whole train ride to work.

Don’t Love:

Friday night:  Shoot, where the heck am I running in the morning?

Hate, but typical:

Saturday 5:30am.  (Sitting in my car in the driveway) Ok where am I going?

Greenbelt Trail

Greenbelt Trail

There are too many running locations that interest me, that I want to do them all and can’t make a decision.  It’s not like I’ll never run again, I should just take a risk and go anywhere new!

I hope you all have some exciting plans for the weekend.  If not, take a look at the 1Quest2theNext Upcoming Events Calendar for something ‘different’ to do on Long Island.  Peace!


4 thoughts on “Love/Hate Friday

  1. Just turn right and see where you end up. Take the road less gravelled, and there will be a lot of interesting things you might have missed by passing it up.

  2. Where did you end up running? I always go on the beach, and it’s beautiful. Every now and then, though, I need something new. Kind of hard to do when you live on an island.

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