LI Greenbelt trail: Where am I?

I took the photo below 3 miles into an 11 mile run on the Long Island Greenbelt Trail this morning. I have no idea what town I’m in at this point and that’s just how I like it :-). I started at the Lakeland County Park in Islandia and crossed over the LIE first.

Map of my run:

Now that I’m home and can look on the map I can see I had just passed through the Islip County Preserve. The Hamlet Windwatch golf course was on my left and I was in Hidden Pond Park. I also ran through Hunts Pond Preserve, looped part of Miller Pond, and went North through Blydenburgh Park across the South side of Caleb Smith State Park Preserve.


Looking east into Hidden Pond Park.  I'm heading North

Looking east into Hidden Pond Park. I’m heading North

Sofia liked this photo and wants to go on a Greenbelt Hike with me. Maybe next weekend…

Catching up on Sons of Anarchy while I rest up from my long run. Women watch it for Jax Teller (I think) and I laugh because I just think of him as the goofy, skinny guy on Undeclared.  I liked the first few seasons but I’m kinda done with it.  After they killed the mom of the boy who shot up the school I just don’t know how I’m supposed to root for these guys.  Bobby’s cool though.  What was I talking about…?

The kids are out on a bike ride and I have my feet elevated. Rolled my left ankle (again, but not so bad) and it needs a break.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

'Alive' End

‘Alive’ End


17 thoughts on “LI Greenbelt trail: Where am I?

  1. I love the pictures and the inspiration to go out into the world. We have to make the most of the warm weather we have left. As they say all the time on my favorite show, “Winter is coming.” Keep writing and inspiring.

  2. This does not look like the south shore… Ha! These pictures are stunning. It reminds me of Westchester. I think I might have to take a drive to do a nice trail for the day! Also, Oyster Fest… Mmmm.

  3. I was very impressed to see the map with full data on it , so cool and helpful .Thanks,Jason.Best wishes .Igor “fisherman”

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