National Parks Open! The absurdity is over

It seems completely un-American to put people in the position of not being allowed in OUR own parks.  They are OURS (well, we share them with wildlife and plants of course).  I think about all the families that had vacations planned over the last few weeks to Mt. Ranier or Badlands or Yosemite (or Yoh zeh MITE as my son called it this week) National Parks and came across closed gates.  I can’t imagine if that had been the case when the kids and I went cross-country this summer to 4 of those parks.  I guess we would’ve gone to Disneyland instead.

Well, at least the parks are back open and OURS again.  While those of you on Long Island may not think this affected us, there are sites in our state that are run by the National Park Service.  This includes Sagamore Hill National Historic Site in Cove Neck and Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge in Sag Harbor.  They were closed, their employees were not getting paid and the natural wonders that they provide the Long Island communities were blocked off.  I’m glad this is over, but leadership from all parts of the political spectrum should really apologize to the people (not just because of the impact on National Parks, but for everything and everyone affected).

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Exploring the outdoors with children is a life-changing experience – for them and for us adults.  I remember in Yellowstone visiting the Black Sands Basin and 99% of the visitors were looking in one direction and Sofia was always snapping pics of something in the other direction.  She got a whole different perspective from our adventures than Brandon did and I did.  She talks about all her memories from our West Adventure daily!

Something else that warms your heart as a parent – the younger they are the more they rely on you.  As they get older, that does change to an extent and they go off and do things on their own and that’s great too.  But you definitely enjoy when your kids wants to spend time with you.  I thought about this a lot last night.  On Wednesday night’s commute home on the Long Island Railroad I asked Brandon if he wanted to run with me when I got home.  We ran a 5k route and talked about what he did during recess and funny things Sofia does on their bike rides around the neighborhood.  This of course included that they passed a house that had left a TV at the bottom of the driveway to be taken away and Sofia started hatching a plan to take the TV home 🙂

Then last night on the commute home Brandon asked if we could go running again when I got home.  That’s it right there!  That’s one of my favorite parts of having kids – selfishly maybe – is when they look forward to our adventures and runs and weekend fun together.  We ran 3 miles again last night, pigged out afterwards and talked about his new friend that moved onto the block and what sports he is into.

If you have a few minutes this weekend, read about our quests to Morton National Wildlife Refuge and Sagamore Hill.  You will have an amazing time at either place.  Many that visit say they never imagined such a peaceful and exciting natural habitat like Morton even existed so close by.  Imagine birds flying down to be fed from your hand and a Wild Turkey family sneaking by before you reach them to get into the marsh and hide.

You may be too busy to read this site this weekend, at least I hope so!  This weekend is the Oyster Bay Oyster Festival we featured in a post earlier this week.  You can view the Lunar Eclipse tonight at Connetquot State Historic Park Preserve, go on a ‘Safari’ at Hither Hills on Saturday along the shoreline or explore the woodlands with the beautiful autumn surroundings at Caleb Smith State Park Preserve Sunday morning.  Or if you haven’t yet visit Schmitt’s Family Farm or another farm out east and pick your pumpkins!  Check our upcoming events calendar for more choices and info:

I trust you will find something unique and adventurous to do.  Enjoy your weekend!

Sofia this past Sunday

Sofia this past Sunday


9 thoughts on “National Parks Open! The absurdity is over

  1. ‘The absurdity is over’ ought to be the case. It should never have happened. I hope it is not a case of merely kicking the can down the road a few weeks.

    My nephew, supt of a presidential library near us, got word for he and his staff to re-open today. Their small town suffered drops in local business revenues of 50-75%. This has hurt a lot of people.

    Enjoy your outings and events with the family.

  2. I should take my son running more often. Usually I can convince him for a walk and he likes to track his distance using the MapMyRun app…we will be going to Advenutureland on Sunday- the Islanders will be there signing autographs and riding the rides.

  3. I wish I had your energy. Will be participating in an MS walk around a local city park next weekend and hopefully can walk that far. With MS I never know from one day to the next if I’ll stay erect or fall in a heap, but as long as I can get back up everything is good. Love your blog.

  4. I totally agree! I wrote a post about how our Padre Island National Seashore just down the road from me was closed during this ridiculous shutdown; however, Rangers were still on duty to keep folks away. Totally un-American!

  5. Reblogged this on Coastal Bend Life and commented:
    I totally agree with this post from 1Quest2 the Next. I wrote a post about how our Padre Island National Seashore just down the road from us was closed during this ridiculous shutdown. Totally un-American!

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  8. You reminded me of a trip to Glacier National Park with my daughter. We stopped at an overlook of a vast valley and a mountain peak. I have a photo of my Tara girl seated on a rock, facing away from the view, coloring a wildflower in her national park wildflower coloring book. She was excited to have spotted the real thing and wanted to get the colors right. It really doesn’t matter if our kids look at the prescribed sight, as long as they are outside and experiencing our world somehow. I love it that you are taking your kids out and telling us your adventures.

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