Entenmann’s Great South Bay 5k (really 3.89 miles)

*This story was written entirely by Brandon, 10 – one of 5 co-authors on 1Quest2theNext*

Hi, my name is Brandon.  You may have read my last post I wrote by myself about camping at Blydenburgh Park.  I had run 3 5k distance races so far and I wanted to do another.  My dad and T (grandpa) signed up for the Entenmann’s Great South Bay 1/2 Marathon and there was also a 5k race.

Before I ever do any running I always stretch.  I drink a lot of water the day before races so I have energy and don’t get dehydrated.  I had been running at school, outside in the backyard and up at the Smithtown West high school track.  Just a few weeks ago I ran the Cow Harbor 2k race.  There were a lot of big hills!

I was so excited last night that I played Wii Fit for over an hour and was jogging the whole time!  I woke up early this morning and was very grumpy because I was VERY tired.  I ate two pieces of a bagel and drank water.

We got to the Bayshore Marina and I looked out at the Great South Bay and saw lots of boats, including ferries.  I also saw the bridge to Fire Island and a light house on the other side.  It was not really cold, it felt good because it was a little breeze.

This is my first 5k running on my own.  The other 3 I ran with my dad.  My Pa was a track coach and 2 of the 5ks were at Roslyn High School where he was a coach and teacher.  The other 5k was a Turkey Trot at Nissequogue River State Park on Thanksgiving morning.  We are running it again this year.

I lined up about halfway in the middle of the race pack as the race was about to start.  I stretched my legs and reached down for my toes.  My sisters Sofia and Alana, and also my Nanny and Memu were there to watch me finish the race.

Someone blew a horn to mark the start of the race and everyone took off.  I went through a lot of people and was at a jogging pace.  I had to pace myself because in the past I would go my fastest at the start and get wiped out of energy.  This time I evened it out.

We ran along the with a view of the bay for a little bit, then left the marina and ran along lots of houses.  Then we ran down the main street in town and saw lots of stores.  A lot of the stores had radios playing loud music and people had water stations and gave out Snapple also.  I only needed to take water once at the first station.  I wasn’t that tired at this point.

I kept running but stayed at the same pace.  I was passing some people here and there.  Some of them were slowing down because they were tired.  I saw my Memu (grandma) walking towards the finish line as I was coming in.  I sped up a little, passed 3 more people and crossed the finish line!

See my finish here at 16:16:


After I ate 2 donuts, I saw my sisters and Nanny and Memu.  They all told me I did a great job.  Then I stocked up on Entenmann’s multi-grain bars – 7 total and then went to watch for my dad and T.

We got chinese food and Dunkin Donuts on the way home.  Then we went to check my time on the internet and found out that the race wasn’t even a 5k, it was 3.89 miles!  That is the longest I’ve ever run in a race.  Also, I came in 137th out of 334 people of all ages that ran this race today!  My pace was 10:19 and it feels exciting that I ran so far and so fast; even faster than a lot of grownups.

I think I may want to run this race again next year.  Now I’m going to keep training for the Turkey Trot.  I’m going to ask my dad if there are any other races we should sign up for soon.

Look at my race certificate below.  Hope you liked this story and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

– Brandon, 10, 1Quest2theNext Co-Creator/Blogger



7 thoughts on “Entenmann’s Great South Bay 5k (really 3.89 miles)

  1. Excellent job, Brandon! You are off to a good start as a runner. Keep up the training. It will keep you healthy and strong.

    I have a grand daughter about your age. She has lots of energy and would be good in races, too. This season she is playing soccer.

    I hope your dad lets you sign up for some more races to do on your own. It makes you feel more grown up, doesn’t it? It is also special to do the races with your dad or other people you know. Just have a good time.

    Don’t eat too many donuts. 🙂

    Jim in Iowa

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  3. Good job, Brandon! As a teacher and a runner, I am impressed with all your endeavors. Keep it up – they’re both fun and healthy activities throughout life.

  4. Brandon, congratulations! It’s awesome to see teens strive for fitness because it’s a heckuva lot easier to stay fit from as a teenager through adulthood than to wake up one morning feeling fat and miserable.

    I concur with Jim. Stay away from donuts since they’ll send you on a sugar high and crash roller coaster. A bowl of pineapple and blueberries is a more energy efficient choice.

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