Apple Picking out East

Can one get sick from eating too many apples?

We are about to find out in my house! We basically raided the inventory off the trees at Lewin Apple Orchard in Calverton yesterday.

We took 25a instead of the Long Island Expressway to enjoy a more scenic drive. Some traffic caught us about 5 miles out and we mistakenly parked at Lewin Farms on Sound Avenue first; this is where the farm stand, corn maze, flowers and small pumpkin patch are located. We headed a few miles further to reach the Orchard on Fresh Pond Road. It was crowded parking along the grass on both sides of the road so unless you visit early expect to walk for several minutes. This is important as you may be leaving with a heavy purchase!

We purchased a large basket and headed out to find some delicious apples. You will find Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala and several other types on the trees.


From Sofia, 7:  So we went to the apple picking farm and we found green apples. We had fun because me and Daddy and Brandon were together and we were trying to find red ones and it was so hard. We looked everywhere and finally found big red ones. We ate them on the way home.

From Brandon, 10:  When we finished picking apples we went to the ice cream truck and got all kinds of ices and ice cream. I got a fudge bar

From Mia, 2:  Me got Bratz ice cream bar!

The kids had fun twisting and pulling their apples off the trees and we overfilled our basket. We’ve already had homemade apple crisp that Brandon made with his mama.


From Alana, 5:I think people should go to the apple farm because apples are healthy!



7 thoughts on “Apple Picking out East

  1. Yum, I grew up in Canada and we had an apple tree at the end of our driveway. We picked apples every morning in the fall and over filled our lunch box. Nothing yummier than freshly picked apples. When I am ready to start my orchard here I am going to research apples and see what grows well in north Texas. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Next is pumpkin picking on the North Fork :). There are quite a few on Sound Avenue and the side streets. Harbes is a magnet for kids but extremely crowded on weekends. Try Helen’s just off Route 105 south of Sound Avenue – a lot of fun for the kids.

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