Choose your own Adventure

So the ducklings’ Autumn migration has begun, your workload is getting out of control and the kids are back to school and their routine.  Lots of time management and re-organizing in progress, I bet.  Well, a bright spot on the horizon; the weather outlook is pretty mild for this weekend.  Not too hot, no cold front and lots of things to do to enjoy every minute of your time off!

Exploring the South side of Caleb Smith State Park Preserve – regularly access is only for fishing; learning how to live as a naturalist @ Bayard Cutting Arboretum on Sunday or dancing a jig at the Irish Festival hosted @ Hofstra University are just the beginning of the fun planned for our Long Island community.  It starts as soon as your last conference call ends and the kids get off the bus this afternoon!  Make lots of new memories this weekend!!

I recall those Choose your own Adventure books from back in the 80s.  If you want to challenge the red dragon to a duel, go forward to page 43 (to an early demise) or if you want to take your shoes off and sneak past that big bad creature and live to fight another day go back to page 28 (coward!).  No cheating and reading ahead of course 🙂

Loyal 1Quest2theNext followers:  If you discover a new quest that we haven’t posted about please send a comment our way and we will give it a try and perhaps feature your ‘find’ in the future.  Thanks!

Here’s our event calendar:

1st day of school

1st day of school for 1Quest2Next staff


One thought on “Choose your own Adventure

  1. We have no kids at home any more. Today, we are heading for a state park to do some hiking. It is clear as a bell and 54˚ here in eastern IA. It was 101˚ Tuesday. This is a refreshing change.

    Have fun this afternoon.

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