Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve

Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve is a terrific way to spend your morning or afternoon – whether you are alone jogging, on a bicycle ride, hiking or exploring with your kids. There is the main 3 mile loop with marked bicycle lanes and, for the most part, lots of shade. There are beautiful patches of wildflowers all over.

marked bicycle path along the loop

marked bicycle path along the loop

the chase in on!

the chase in on!

From Brandon, 10: There was this big field in front of the horse stables and my sisters and I were rolling around in the grass. After awhile we walked to this winter cottage and took a pretty picture in front of it.

The Winter Cottage is one of the first sites to see on the loop, on your right and it was designed to be very naturalistic and to blend in with the natural surroundings of the preserve. Behind the cottage you can walk down an embankment where there are some benches and other places to roam.

winter cottage

behind Winter Cottage

behind Winter Cottage

The Lloyd Harbor Equestrian Center is located here as well. As you walk through the loop you come along the back and see horses outside the stables. There are several bridle paths throughout the preserve, along with many nature trails that lead to beautiful views from the bluffs and

overlooking the Sound.

Watching a pretty horse

Watching a pretty horse

Horse Stables at Caumsett

Horse Stables at Caumsett

A great way to spend your day!

A great way to spend your day!

Just across from the stables in a trail which leads to a field of pens. Only one horse was inside one of the pens when I was there. He seemed like he appreciated the company.

lonely horse

lonely horse

At the 1.5 mile mark on the loop you reach a large mansion that is quite stunning. Behind it there are benches and a great area to picnic, read and just hang out. My kids just like to roll down the hill or run up and down playing tag. The view simply is amazing! Just before you reach the mansion there are rest rooms on the right, a water fountain just after the mansion as well.

li sound

behind the mansion

behind the mansion

Further along the 3 mile loop there are far less trees and woods providing shade and you pass through many open fields, with wildflower patches all over.

From Alana, 5: I had fun playing in the field full of flowers. They were so pretty and we took pictures of me looking at them and smelling the flowers. And when we went there it was so fun!!!!

In a field of Wildflowers (pic of one of my girls in Newsday)

In a field of Wildflowers (pic of one of my girls in Newsday)

caumsett 3

caumsett 1

From Sofia, 7: We were playing in a big field and nobody else was there so I found Mia’s (18 months at the time) water bottle and we stuffed it into the front of her shorts. She was running to daddy and thought it was really funny. We were all laughing for soooooo long!


Along this loop there is a set of 10 Fit Trail exercises you can try.

fit trail

There are several other options besides the main loop, including up to 15 miles of bicycle routes, countless running options and so many places to just chill out in the shade on a bench or blanket. In March there is a 50k (and 25k) run. Start training now 🙂

Please write to 1quest2thenext and comment with some additional hiking, running and bike routes you believe others would enjoy!


There are 2 water fountains and rest rooms close to the parking lot. Pass the booth, make a left as you reach the start of the main 3 mile loop and then make a right after the white building. If you follow the loop there are rest rooms 1-1.5 miles in, just before you reach the mansion. Additional water fountain next to the mansion.

Hours: Daily from Sunrise to Sunset. The booth is operated 8:00am-4:30pm. Empire State Pass is accepted or $8 per car. You can purchase the pass at the booth and they accept credit cards. You will also receive a map of the main trails at the booth.

Directions: The route North to reach the preserve is very pretty. From 25A you see Cold Spring Harbor to the west (and a running path I’ll have to try out) and then Lloyd Harbor on your right before you turn into the park.

25 Lloyd Harbor Road, Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743
(631) 423-1770





For high resolution versions of these photos and additional pics of Caumsett, please follow this link to my Caumsett set on Flickr:


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6 thoughts on “Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve

  1. Great job! I hope to visit this park soon. I’d love to see the wild flowers, mansion and views of the sound. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to have some experienced tour guides!

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