American West Adventure Days 11, 12 & Wrap-up


From Brandon:  on the eleventh day of our trip we went from Montana, through Idaho and Butte County.  There was this big Butte volcano, the Soda Butte River and Butte is a town in Montana :-).  We drove along the Salmon River Scenic Bypass the whole way because we had extra time.  We drove through Idaho Falls and then on to Pocatello to get to the hotel.  On the way to the hotel we stopped at a lake that had about 500-700 people in a town called Blockfoot and  saw a cool firework show.

From Sofia: We drove across Idaho to get to Salt Lake City the next day.  We saw a river the whole way.  We went to a lake really late at night before we went to the hotel.  This nice family with 1 boy and 3 girls sat next to us in the sand and gave us glow sticks, sparklers since it was 4th of July, and gave us a blanket to sit on.  My glowing thing kept falling in the water so my shoes got all wet.

Salmon River in Idaho somewhere

Salmon River in Idaho somewhere

Crashing a fireworks show in Blackfoot, Idaho

Crashing a fireworks show in Blackfoot, Idaho


From Brandon: This morning we woke up like 10, went downstairs, ate breakfast and had to get out of the hotel room by 12.  We beat the house cleaners by 2 minutes before 12.  We went to see Despicable Me 2 – it was really funny.  We saw a trolley when we went to downtown Salt Lake City for dinner.  The flight home was late at night, we boarded at 11:45pm.  It was a shorter flight home than when we left New York for Utah.  We were supposed to sleep but didn’t really sleep much.

From Sofia:  we woke up really late and we drove to utah . I was not listening to daddy in the car and either was brandon.  daddy said that if  we were good we can go to see despicable me two when we got to utah. it was really making me laugh so much!  The funny part was when they turn the yellow guys into purple and they were attacking the good people.

Sofia taking up the whole bed, like the other mornings

Sofia taking up the whole bed, like the other mornings

Dancing in the rain at dinner, Downtown Salt Lake City

Dancing in the rain at dinner, Downtown Salt Lake City

7/6/13 – Vacation Wrap-up:

From Brandon:  My favorite thing about the vacation was the Bison and Bears and the Mountain Goat and having fun with Sofia and daddy.  I liked Glacier because of all the snow and pretty mountains and all of the animals that you would just see on the side of the road.

From Sofia:  My favorite things on the vacation was seeing animals and having a really really fun time and hanging out together with daddy and brandon.In Yellowstone the mud volcanoes smelled really really bad. SOOOO SOOO bad, I’m not kidding, but they were cool.  I liked the pekas that looking like little squirrels, and I liked the grizzly bear cubs in the stream.

We hope you liked the stories about our vacation to 4 National Parks – Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier and Waterton Lakes.  Bye!!!! – Sofia, Brandon and Jay

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2 thoughts on “American West Adventure Days 11, 12 & Wrap-up

    • So at Glacier we saw signs ‘don’t feed the sheep’. We never saw any, then one day saw one hiding out in the middle of 20 cows! We saw black and grizzly bears, moose and more…my young kids and I will never forget. Check the posts from earlier at glacier for cool photos and stories my 7 and 10 yr olds helped me write. And thanks!

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