American West Adventure – Day 6


We woke up to a nice view outside our hotel window of the lake this morning. We slept in a bit. Lazy is ok on vacation, ok?

Yellowstone Lake - window view

Yellowstone Lake – window view

We then took off for the Old Faithful area in the morning. The Old Faithful Inn where we stayed was the first great park lodge of the American West and is one of the last standing log hotels in America. It looks amazing inside.

Old Faithful Inn lobby

Old Faithful Inn lobby

We hung out to watch the Old Faithful Geyser shoot water about 80 feet in the air, which was cool. But we aren’t into spending all day with crowds at all the touristy things so we took off North to see more geysers and thermal activity (less people).

Messing around

Messing around

Blowing off some steam

Blowing off some steam

We headed up to Black Sands Basin and had a good time checking out the interesting colors of the thermal pools.

Black Sands 2

Black Sands 1

We passed a sign for Sheepeater Cliff and went to see what’s up. We took a short hike along a river until Brandon saw a snake by his feet. Forget bears; the kids pushed on my back all the way to the cliff 🙂

Watch out for the snake!

Watch out for the snake!

We also stopped off to visit wildlife hidden in the trees, on the other side eating in a field. We tried not to bother this one:

elk 3

Up to Mammoth it was raining a bit. We rode Upper Terrace Drive to see the rock formations.


“Whoa” – Brandon

Stepped into Montana for a few minutes and headed back down towards Old Faithful Inn for a nice dinner. First we went off road a bit and found 30-40 of these guys – big and small. They were nice enough to pose.





I’m sad to leave Yellowstone. We really felt off the grid; no cell, wifi, TV, news…and enjoyed hanging out together, checking out the wildlife, scenic drives and landscapes and munching on peanut m&m’s at 9am. Well, we still have m&m’s, skittles and swedish fish left for our drive to Glacier Park in Montana early tomorrow!

Songs of the day:

I am the Walrus – Beatles

Driftin’ Back – Neil Young (27 min jam off new album)

Umphrey’s McGee – Plunger

Honorable Mention – The kids also got jiggy with Will Smith. Ok, me too…

Click the link below for high resolution versions of these photos and additional pics. You can login with Flickr, Yahoo or Facebook:


4 thoughts on “American West Adventure – Day 6

  1. Wow! You guys had an incredible day! So far, this is my favorite post! Your hotel looked so cool! How amazing to see such beautiful animals up so close! Old Faithful Geyser sure is incredible! Continue the great reporting Traveling Frieds!

  2. Just wanted to stop in and say thank you for following my blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and these of Grand Teton and Yellowstone brought me back to our family trip last year. Your photos are amazing!!! and your children are absolutely adorable. Happy adventures to you all!

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